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Washburn Illustration and Design offers graphic design and advertising to businesses and clients in all sectors of the marketplace, with an emphasis on creating an illustration-based visual brand.

My goal is to create a product that tells a story to viewers through the use of visual metaphors. The best illustration and graphic design combine direct messages and dynamic presentation in a straightforward package. All elements in a design should work together to deliver a straightforward message in an entertaining and pleasing way.

Whether you are creating a new visual identity, updating your business, or expanding your marketing efforts, I can help.

Examples of advertising and design offered:

Ad Design
Editorial Design
Package Design
Collateral Design
Typographic Design
Branding and Identity Packages



See below for recent advertising and design work.

I work with a range of advertising firms and am always ready to collaborate. Please contact me today with details of your project for a competitively priced proposal.